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tarkatak / c. reider
the druser pricid

     A full-length postal collaboration between two long-time underground ambient artists. c. reider and Germany's Tarkatak mesh their ideas with a fine result. Flowing, melodic drone-ambient eventually transforming into subdued industrial-noise and lurking strangeness.

      c. reider & Lutz Pruditsch of Tarkatak traded raw sound sources and independently worked on these sources in 2000, each recording about a half hour of material. The tracks were segued together to form 2 separate tracks, intended originally to be two sides to a cassette release. The recording was mastered by C-Drik at Syrphe Studio in Belgium.

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(320k 124.5mb)

The following review by Ambientrance.org

Tarkatak/C.Reider: The Druser Pricid (Vuzh Music - 2003)
This trippy dark-abstract collab was originally recorded in 2000, but is just now seeing the light of day... Like an astoundingly ominous stormcloud raging in from nether atmospheres arises half-hour-plus Pueth Drer Cidris (apparently broken into subsections known as aunbrae, norr, vollenkon, vara överens, lark and tog... boy, the spellchecker's gonna love these!). That glaring vortex of metallic streamers and boneshaking drones slips into a mellower space of hovering, machine-edged greyness eventually morphing into a gusty zone of buzzy electric wails and crazily warping whistles, laced with glass, the grumbling mutations.

From a brassily-churning beginning, almost-as-long Uerdt Scepir Dhir (w/ eclecia, utomhus, agrzzdt, ytlig and dödstrött) devolves into a gratingly intense thrumripple ingrained with fractured human cries, into wind-splintered tones backed by clattering metal; shortly thereafter cyclonic gales seem to rip apart a structure... leaving behind a still-rumbling aftermath populated by crickets, then fading away in a prolonged disappearance. So many things all balled in together... I can love some, but not others. An averaged-out B- for true experimental spirit, for those who like their strangeness densely-packed! Vuzh Music is re-releasing other lost gems, and more... stay tuned.
The following review by Godsend online

Tarkatak / c. reider - "The Druser Pricid" CDR - 60 minutes of ambient, abstracted somnolence from this international collaboration of artists from the US (reider) and Germany (Tarkatak). Consisting of 2 lengthy tracks, 'The Druser Pricid' is an ideal accompaniment to a lonely late night, as mysterious textures permeate the dense and amorphous mix. Track one ('Pueth Drer Cidris') seems more ambient, slowly shifting in a hazy fog of drifting moodiness. Track two ('Uerdt Scepir Dhir') goes an even more freeform experimental route, with plenty of jarring noises, glitchy pops, and disembodied voices punctuating the ever-evolving noisescape. A highly rewarding and enjoyable listen for those with an ear for the darkly sublime.
The following review by Vital Weekly (#363)
Music from the drone underworld of desolate industrial sites. Tarkatak is one of the more promising 'youn' names of German's unterwelt of drone music, having a strong linkeage to Troum. On his CDR 'The Druser Pricid' he teams up with C. Reider, who runs the VUZH label in the USA - welcome to world of true underground. Tarkatak is one person, Lutz Pruditsch (who also runs the Dachstuhl label) and together with C. Reider he has been trading tapes filled with soundscapes, loops and samples. Each of the boys then mixed the material, and added their own sounds to it. Although there are two tracks on this CDR (which one could think to be mixed by C. Reider and Tarkatak resp.), each track is divided in sub-tracks, which are mixed by either C. Reider or Tarkatak - kinda confusing really, but it works well. Both guys really know how to create a psychedelic atmosphere in sound, with dark soundscapes and hallucinating loops, analogue synths and processed guitar sounds. Like said, the music here is very much related to Troum, but has a particulary strong voice of its own.

The following review by e/i Magazine (Robert Duckworth):
If the C. Reider opus isn't indicative of the perennial American experimental music D.I.Y. [anti-] aesthetic, perhaps nothing out there is. In fact, if the entire trajectory of its two-dozen or so odd (emphasis on odd) releases is considered, the Vuzh Music label -- itself a labor of love built from the ground up -- reads like a kind of modern-day musical roman-fleuve, sketching out in sound the ups and downs of a scene that can safely be regarded, even in this P2P day and age, as "underground" at worst, superunknown at best. Case in point: originally slated as a cassette release, this two-track, hour-long, labor intensive collaboration via snail mail between C. Reider and Deutschland's Tarkatak was shelved due to extenuating circumstances, where it threatened to languish indefinitely along with its creators. With a few stunning exceptions (haunting vocal samples, novel chirping insects, compelling post-digital stabs) this work was unable to avoid some of the pitfalls inherent in such a somber ambient milieu, e.g. a predominantly concave, sometimes lackluster sonic topography. But thankfully, The Druser Pricid can be described as timeless in the sense that the relative level of style-shirking elements imbued in the music by these two maverick artists (whose names are playfully spelled out in Japanese kanji on the front of the CD) precludes criticisms invoking the fact that this release saw light of day much later than was originally intended. Which doesn't necessarily mean that this sounds "contemporary" per se. "Comfortably situated in its own private space/time continuum" would probably be a far more accurate, and indeed enviable, position to occupy.
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