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       Harlan is a longtime music underground networker, who's put out a trove of tapes, each of which is all over the place, musically -- totally bursting with a bombastic living energy. Cracking drums split yer head wide open while lo-fi gweetar tuned down to 'H' crunches up yer skullbonez, and wack-ass samples laugh at what's left of you.

       Harlan the musical artist was spawned in 1994. His forté is percussion, which he began to play at age 9. Throughout his school years he played drums in concert, symphonic and marching bands. Harlan was first inspired to play drums from hearing rap music in the early 80's, starting off doing human-beatbox and knuckle beats on desktops at school. Harlan started playing clubs at age 13 in a metal band called Seraphim. As time went by, he played in a multitude of bands with differing styles ranging from jazz to hip-hop to punk to heavy metal to experimental drumming ensembles.

       Check out some of the mp3s he has available on the amazing world wide internet.

       Harlan may be heard on two recordings in the Vuzh Catalogue:
       The following is a mini interview with Harlan that I conducted in November, 2002.

Who are you? HARLAN
What's your name? Michael Harlan Lyman
Where do you live? Austria
How old are you? 27
What interests you? Music, drumming, and travel
What do you do for a living? Teach English and Drumming, and also proofreading
What musical projects are you involved in? PLOP! and two other un-named projects-one from Italy and the other Austria.

Imagine blending a history of drumming in classical music, then moving on to marching band, add in metal, then Hip Hop and electronic genres, finally a mix of latin,african and other ethnic variations. Put all of those together in an electronic format, sometimes blended with acoustic live playing and you have HARLAN -a heavy,funky,diverse mutation-

  • Sounds of ups and downs- 1995
  • Collective sounds- 1996-7
  • HARLAN 7"- 1998
  • From new to old- 1999
  • Works in progress- 2000-2002

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