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C. Reider / Tarkatak ¦|¦ Azure Bell, Midnight Well

Download / stream at archive.org

Artist Statement:
     Collaborations with Lutz Pruditsch of Tarkatak seem to have an extremely long gestation period. When we first collaborated on The Druser Pricid, the recording was completed in 2000, but not released until 2003. The same is true of Azure Bell, Midnight Well. Lutz and I exchanged sources long enough ago that I completely have forgotten when it was. The sources sat for a long time, unused. Then music began to take form, then the unfinished mixes sat for a few more years. I determined myself to get the mixes finished sometime last year, only to find that my contact info for Lutz was out of date, and he no longer has much internet presence! I finally sent the masters to him in April 2016 and we agreed to go ahead with this release. Our first release together has always had a lot of admirers, I hope this one also finds receptive ears. ////////

Creative Commons License
Azure Bell, Midnight Well by C. Reider / Tarkatak is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
released June 2016

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