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David Nemeth ¦|¦ Backyard Improvisations

David Nemeth is best known as the writer and maintener of several blogs and websites dedicated to the promotion and betterment of the free music movement. His review site Acts of Silence and his news feed site The Easy Pace taken as a pair are an indispensable resource for anyone wanting to understand and follow the global network of free music netlabels.

The recordings he has released under his own name have shown both a penchant for what would be traditionally be considered 'non-musical' sound realized and appreciated aesthetically as music, and for a very contemporary understanding of the vast storehouse of useable material available to artists, made available by other artists who release their work under open Creative Commons licenses.

"Backyard Improvisations" fits into the former category of his work. It is a recording of a set of acoustic actions, improvised by an unstudied / un-disciplined musician-performer taking creative action for the best reasons ever: that he was inspired by someone else's creative work, and by the sound material given from the objects that surrounded him at the time.

Artist Statement:
     I am heavily influenced by the music I choose to listen to and the natural/manufactured sounds around me. Backyard Improvisations is a combination of both of these influences. Specifically, Chris Whitehead's "South Gare" on the netlabel Linear Obsessional is probably one of the best albums out this year. For me Whitehead not only pushed himself in his improvisational/field recording album, he was pushing me to listen differently.

     Regarding the latter, several years ago when I picked up a field recorder, I was astonished by the amount of sounds created by humans that we don't hear. (Nature has the same issues.) My release "Home Drones" on Treetrunk was an attempt at really listening to the sounds of my home.

     With Backyard Improvisations, I took the sounds of my backyard and then tried to control them: handling objects by scraping them or hitting them. Each track was an improvisation of me playing different objects found there.

Artist website: Acts of Silence

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Creative Commons License
Backyard Improvisations by David Nemeth
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
released September 2012

Background image by wwarby, licensed CC BY.

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